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Professional manufacturer of KT foam board, PVC foam board Leading brand of China plate industry

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About AIBO

AIBO Plates Group

Aibo group was founded in 2003, has set up 4 production bases in Guangdong Foshan, Hubei Xiaogan, Shaanxi Xi'an, Chongqing and other places. Company covers an area of 90 thousand square meters, has more than 600 employees; the group mainly engaged in ecological marble plate, PVC foam board, plastic extrusion board, KT board, insulation materials and other series of advertising products R & D, production and sales.


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AIBO Lead-free PVC board
AIBO board,Be assured that board!

New technology innovation, environmental free lead non - toxic, healthier.

Waterproof, moisture-proof, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, not moth-eaten, not long fungi, acid and alkali resistant, free of lead, non-toxic, environmental protection.

AIBO KT board
Afraid of blister,Use AIBO board!

New products: tear resistant board - quality cardboard, moisture-proof anti wrinkle.

New product: cloud card - a new generation of plastic plate mounting, not wrinkle, good stiffness.

PVC board has become a hot product in the world, because of its advantages such as good quality, high cost performance, waterproof, moisture-proof, flame retardant and storage and transportation.Aibo group focuses on plate production for 14 years. The products produced are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and free of lead! Choose the board, use assured board!
Aibo group was founded in 2003, the company adhere to the energy-saving and environmental protection plate industry guide human responsibility for the quality as the life of enterprise.The company adheres to scientific and technological innovation,to meet the competition in the international market and to create value for our customers.
Aibo group since its inception in 2003, in the domestic various regions have Aibo figure in the Ministry of foreign trade after the board was established, more plates are exported to India, Malaysia and Vietnam, Thailand, South America continents and other overseas countries, well received by overseas users.
Aibo group in the country has four production bases, so that customers can use the fastest and cheapest freight to buy Aibo group products, and customers to achieve a win-win situation.
AiBo Benbdo provinces and cities after the gold medal after-sales service team, you can solve the problem of local sales for the nearest, the clearing rules clear, simple procedures, so that you worry free after sale;
Aibo Five advantages
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