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Professional manufacturer of KT foam board, PVC foam board Leading brand of China plate industry

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AIBO plates group founded in 2003, aibo has set up six production bases in foshan, hubei, xi 'an, xi 'an, chongqing and zhaoqing. The company covers an area of 100,000 square meters and has more than 600 employees.

Group, mainly engaged in PVC foam board, PVC wood plastic co-extrusion board, PVC coextrusion color board, PVC knot pedal, AD KT board series, insulation materials, quartz plate, etc. Series of products development, production, sales. The company's products are widely used in advertising, packaging, decoration, sculpture, cabinet bath, mesa, partition cabinet production and application fields such as building decoration panel.

PVC decorative plate series: with environmental protection, flame retardant, moistureproof, acid and alkali resistant, long service life, high strength, non-toxic, anti-aging ability, avoid lacquer, etc, and have the same as wood processing performance, can be saw, plane, can open hole, on the nail, screw, adhesive, and has a wood no hot glue, plastic welding, such as processing method, is a kind of new decoration material of international standard, belong to a new generation of green environmental protection building materials, the performance is superior to the traditional wood and stone, is the ideal wood, aluminum substitutes, the widely used to adapt to the trends of environmental protection in today's world.

Advertising board series: the company's existing international advanced PS sheet production line more than 10, using the domestic leading PS foaming process, has more than 30 KT board products, divided into series of hot plate, cold plate series, board series, PS foam coil, blow molding, KT board has a crisp, lightsome, level off, not easy deformation, economical and practical, convenient processing, and other functions, KT board is widely used in exhibition frame, advertising prints, POP advertising screen printing, architectural decoration, culture and art, gift packaging, aircraft, toys, model toys puzzles, toys, model, use the gift packaging, frame backplane, etc.

The company insists on the energy conservation, environmental protection panel industry leaders for their own responsibility, quality as the life of the enterprise; Implement the strategy of talent, advocating spirit of cooperation, has the team unity and cooperation, the good faith management, the development of good relations of cooperation with customers and suppliers, to provide customers with satisfactory products, the products sell well in domestic market, and exported to southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America, eastern Europe and other parts of the world. Company adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, technology has always been standing in the industry forefront, to meet the international market competition, aibo group adhere to the concept of "aibo plate, plate at ease" create value for customers, is based on win-win cooperation to create brilliant.

Group mission: let the world because of ordinary plate but not ordinary.

Group vision: to be the leader of China's board industry.

Core values of the group: security, integrity, quality, innovation and win-win!

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