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What is the difference between KT board and PVC?

Article source:AiBo Plates GroupPopularity:Publication time:2017-07-13 15:16:07

The advertising industry KT board and PVC co - extruding board are two commonly used display boards to achieve a wide range of publicity and use. Because the modelling of two kinds of material is similar, so the KT board and PVC coextrusion board are often confused by many people, here small make up to you to introduce the difference between KT board and PVC coextrusion board have?


What is the difference between KT board and PVC

The material is different

KT board is bubble foaming plate and the outer layer is the board that use PVC sticker, because internal material is foam used for complex modelling is not suitable for living, also it is for internal use bubble, so the price is cheaper lighter, reduce the difficulty of the construction and weight. And good quality PVC coextrusion board is made up of internal PVC foaming material and PVC veneers, its characteristic is dense, the weight of three or four times heavier than the KT board, so a higher price, better hardness, can be made more complex models.

2. Use scope is different

KT board can be covered with spray paint and so on, can be widely used for promotional display art packaging, and even screen disposable printing. PVC coextrusion board USES more widely, which can be used in passenger cars, interior decoration, ceiling board and building plate, etc., can be used in the advertising industry in graphic materials and computer lettering, etc., so the supply of PVC version of the application is more extensive.

3. The production process is different

The material of KT is soft, so it can't be printed directly on the board, so it needs to be attached to the paint, so it can fade after a long period of wind and rain. PVC coextruding board can be printed directly on the board, and because of the hardness, the printed image is beautiful. All kinds of PVC coextrusions can be compared with wood, and it can be cut and pasted without cracking. Although the KT board and PVC coextrusion board has a certain similarity in application but the KT board and PVC coextrusion board material is different hardness difference is more, pay attention to in using observation or can distinguish clearly, in general, material, application range and production of finished products

The process method is the main difference between PVC coextruding board and KT board.


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