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What should be considered in choosing PVC coextruding board?

Article source:AiBo Plates GroupPopularity:Publication time:2017-07-13 15:25:30

Have you ever heard of PVC skin foaming? It is believed that many people are unfamiliar with the word PVC. Because if people are not engaged in the relevant occupation, for the PVC leather foaming board is a foggy water, do not know. No one knows the performance of PVC leather foaming board. Then, we will introduce the performance of the PVC leather foaming plate in detail.


Introduction of the properties of PVC leather foaming board

1. Toughness. For high quality PVC crust foamed board, has certain are the primary features of strong toughness, because a lot of PVC crust foamed board the use of the environment are relatively poor and vulnerable to a relatively large impact strength. Strong toughness can effectively support PVC skin foaming plate in the lift process, avoiding fatigue fracture (which is the fatigue fracture caused by prolonged and unceasing work).

2. High temperature, because the use range of PVC skin foaming plate is very wide, it is also very common in many high temperature environment, so it can be known that it must have high temperature performance.

3, corrosion resistance, PVC crust foamed board structure because of the special material, its for acid and alkali and chemical reagent has certain protection, can effectively avoid the chemical reactions of corrosion damage.

4. Wear resistance, which is also very important for the plate materials used in this project, and is also an important parameter to measure the service life of PVC skin foaming board. In engineering, it is inevitable to have friction with other things, but due to its good wear resistance, it can effectively avoid wear and prolong the life of use.

These are the relevant contents of the performance of PVC skin foaming plate. In fact, PVC leather foaming boards are very common in daily life, but they are not carefully observed. Therefore, this paper introduces the performance of PVC leather foaming board in detail, and hopes to learn more about the affordable PVC leather foaming board in this introduction.


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