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What good performance does PVC color foaming board have

Article source:AiBo Plates GroupPopularity:Publication time:2017-07-14 17:12:00


First, PVC color foaming board has good wear resistance. The wear-resisting property of the foaming board reduces the loss of materials, reduces the waste of personnel, improves the cost performance, reduces the production cost, and raises the economic benefit.

The foaming board is to make the plastic sheet material, shape a variety of different forms. There are many kinds of foaming boards now, depending on the requirements of different lines, we can also see the excellent performance of foaming boards.

Secondly, the foaming plate has good safety performance. Foaming plate material itself is colorless, tasteless, environmental protection function, make the staff don't have to work in the harsh environment, reducing the work intensity, speed up the working efficiency, non-toxic performance to ensure the health and safety of staff.

The refoaming plate has good corrosion resistance, easy to process excellent performance. Therefore, it is widely used in acid base pool, extraction container and other chemical equipment. It greatly reduces the possibility of environmental pollution caused by corrosion, which is conducive to the cleaning and environmental protection of the work site.

The foaming plate then has excellent high energy radiation performance, low flammability, and less smoke when burned.

The final foam board is cheap, easy to process, most of it is good insulator, easy to color, so it is widely used in chemical, packaging, electronics and other fields


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