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The eight reasons for choosing the PVC foaming board of the board industry

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Today, we will introduce the eight reasons why we choose PVC foam board. We hope to help you.

1. Light reflection:

Install a ceiling with high reflectance and scattered light. Indirect lighting can be used to reduce reflections and shadows and reduce eye strain. A high-tech exterior solution, rich in color, good light reflection and scattering rate, detected at 45o-0o dispersion reflectance of 82%.

2. Environmental performance:

Condole carries on the plate to some extent with PVC foam board the strengths of the environmental protection, not only antibacterial antifouling, 100% do not contain harmful material such as asbestos and JiaQuan, no radioactive contamination, as a real green environmental protection product. Especially in the low carbon environment, more people choose to use the green ceiling board.

3. Machining performance:

The weight of decorative plate material is light, the strength is high, the edge is not easy to break, the transportation installation is convenient and easy to process, and can reduce the keel cost, lengthen the keel to use the life.

4. Fire prevention performance:

Fire prevention performance requires two tests: fire response and fire resistance. After many fire tests abroad, all reached the MO (non-flammable) standard. Domestic authorities have detected the highest level of fire prevention grade A.

5. Moisture-proof performance:

PVC foam board manufacturer: absorption decorative waterproof base material had done to solve in the process of production, glass fiber or basalt mineral fibre not hydrophilic also make its excellent moistureproof ability, can prevent the water absorption by wool stoma scene or moisture absorption, can effectively prevent appearance knot dew water conditions. After detection, even in the high temperature and extremely humid environment, still reach the excellent moisture-proof effect, the product will not deform. It is widely used in the swimming pool, bathroom, basement and other extreme damp environment, which is the most caustic requirement of moisture-proof.

6. Decorative performance:

Scale, diversity of decorative pattern design, color is rich, adornment sex is extremely strong, can make large size condole top plate, can also do arc smallpox, can give designers supply rich idea of space, design a unique visual effect, satisfied the design requirements of all kinds of style as well as supply a wide variety of choices to owner.

7. Thermal resistance:

Basalt mineral fiber and glass fiber is recognized as the best insulation material, has good heat resistance performance, can reduce the influence on the indoor temperature, according to the use of the specifications of the products and add value, is advantageous to the industry and thrift energy. A room with no insulation or air conditioning on the roof.

8. Sound absorption:

The shorter the indoor reverberation time, the better the indoor acoustics. Can reach the perfect sound absorption effect, can adjust indoor echo effectively, reduce the noise, improve the sound clarity. Create a good working environment. It is widely used in offices, medical institutions, hotels, shopping centers, classrooms, conference rooms, conference halls, theaters, etc.


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