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Teach you to buy quality PVC sheet

Article source:AiBo Plates GroupPopularity:Publication time:2017-07-14 17:07:58


    Although PVC sheet is a new kind of material, its use is becoming more and more widespread, and the market is very competitive. Some businessmen sell some inferior products for profit. So how can we avoid buying low-quality PVC sheets? Let's take a look at it.



A. While the level of environmental protection of PVC sheet is at the level of E0 or environmental protection level, the problem is that not all products can reach that level. Maybe it's just a batch of products or a product that's reached, and it's not up to the standard that all products meet that standard. Therefore, it is very important for consumers to check whether the product has inspection report and authoritative certification in the process of purchasing.

B. Under normal circumstances, solid wood composite PVC sheet only E1 grade a level, a lot of products will formaldehyde release a quantity to control in a country compulsive standard 1/3 or less, so it's very difficult for consumers to discern who products more environmentally friendly. Small make up remind consumers here, PVC sheet when the choose and buy the best reference for the green PVC sheet purchase specification of the corresponding indicators to the choose and buy products, and check the enterprise when the choose and buy the related authorization certificate, test certificate and audit certificate.

C, PVC sheet can not be greedy for cheap, and buy "three without" products, or the final loss is itself.

D. Consumers should take a look at the selection and comparison, and it is better to know some relevant purchasing knowledge or methods first, and pay special attention to the environmental protection level of the products.

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