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You can't help but love the PVC foaming board of the board

Article source:AiBo Plates GroupPopularity:Publication time:2017-07-14 17:18:48


PVC foaming board is used widely, so it must have its advantage, small make up for everyone brief introduction PVC foaming board, you also will be fond of it.

Can print ShiCai: PVC foam board surface, can be coated or made into various colors, with flame retardant, moistureproof, acid and alkali resistant, long service life, high strength, non-toxic, anti-aging ability strong, can be hot forming, etc;


The appearance of PVC foaming plate: the feeling of the hand gives the person a sense of elegance and comfort, and can be nailed, drilled, planed, axe, riveting, sticky, etc., easy to be processed and made, with various processing properties of wood;

Environmental protection: it has far-reaching significance to save precious forest resources, save energy, protect ecological environment and promote sustainable development of human society.

PVC foam board application: advertising industry with plate, nameplate, decoration decoration, furniture production, water and the underground engineering, construction engineering, chemical storage tank lining and other aspects of the application in chemical engineering, such as the construction of chemical plating bath, packaging materials and packaging containers, such as turnover box, etc. It can also be used for interior decoration of automobiles, trains, subways, ships and aircraft industries.



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