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Foshan KT board manufacturer - what is KT board?

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KT board is a kind of generated by PS particles pass foaming board core, after the surface effect of pressing and become a new type of material, the plate body crisp, light, non-perishable, easy processing, and can be directly on the plate silk screen printing, screen printing plate), paint (adaptive) need to detect paint, framed by the back glue, images and plastics are widely used in display advertising promotion, building decoration, arts and culture, and packaging, etc. In advertising use a is used for product promotion information released by exhibition, displaying and notice with the mounting plate, the other is is widely applied to silk screen printing, particularly suitable for a wide range of unified propaganda activities.

KT board from the current more mature composite production process can be divided into cold and heat, and the two different processes to produce products we call the corresponding composite board (cold) pipes and hot plate (hot composite panels).

A, cold plate,

First is a foaming plate core: raw material is PS particles, but because of cold plate is mostly single-layer plate core, so to be double foam, foam thickness of 3.5 mm or so commonly, for the first time curing after half month, and on the second foaming, their core on the equipment foam to about 5.0 5.2 mm, can directly after the second foam coating and laminating.

Then paste face, the face of the base material is PVC, average 0.08 m - 0.1 mm, 0.9 x 2.4 little face plate now mostly use 0.08 0.1 mm, 1.2 x 2.4 big board usually use 2.4 mm face skin to strengthen plate stiffness, because the surface is PVC, core is PS material, so the choice must be neutral glue, glue glue paste to each other at the same time in the crust and the core board, paste to the tablet press (more than 10 tons), extrusion, more than 24 hours before trimming trim package shipment.

Bubbling: surface and core foaming, cause analysis

1. The slabs are too short; 2. The neutral glue has problems or faults; 3. There is direct sunlight or ultraviolet light on the boards. The common foaming is because the skin is too thin, after the sun is straight after the foaming, the realistic picture and the face skin rarely have the blister, from the theoretical analysis is very difficult to blister.

Second, the hot plate

1, through equipment foamed PS particles into 2.5 mm to 3.0 mm board core is a (foam), the board core is coiled material, generally is 500 m, at this point the board core should be stored at room temperature and a half months (maturation period), some emissions out of the plate column.

2, stick a face,

At the same time, two large rolls have been put on the two rolls of the two rolls have been drawn, and the two large rolls are well cooked, and they are fused together to form the whole plate through the mould of the equipment. The thickness of the skin is about 0.01 m.

3, the whole package

When the plate is attached to the device, it will be cut to 2.4m long, then the trim will be repaired, and the whole plate will be packed in 0.9 * 2.4.

1. Blister performance: refers to the picture of the real picture stuck on the KT board, and no more than a few days to start the arch, forming a bubble.

The reason of formation is: 1. 2. The surface of the PS is too thin; 3. The glue on the back of the picture has reaction with the PS surface (some glue has this kind of situation).

2. The process of formation

Due to the maturation period more than half plate core, half a month is only relative, what's more, almost all of the factory, only for a few days not to half a month, board core is at this time has also been a chemical reaction will produce a lot of gas, and the surface of the PS surface is too thin, not blocking gas volatilization outward. However, although the picture is covered by the surface of the membrane machine, the gas is still not finished, and then the volatile gas of the core is formed in the back of the original gas.

Iii. Conclusion:

1. The bubbling hot plate bubbling is mostly due to the shortness of the maturation period and the thin crust. The foaming of the cold plate is mainly caused by the bad glue or the direct sunlight.

2. Price comparison: the low price of hot plate is mainly due to the short production period, low material consumption and large production volume, while the cold plate is the opposite.

3. Currently, there are many kinds of surface membranes on KT, which are commonly used in PS surface, paper surface and back glue surface


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