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Foshan PVC foaming board manufacturers: what are the characteristics of PVC board?

Article source:AiBo Plates GroupPopularity:Publication time:2017-07-25 09:19:22


[product performance]

PVC hard plastic sheet has the effect of sound insulation and insulation. It has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, high hardness, high strength, uv resistance (aging), fire flame retardant (with self-extinguishing), insulation performance is reliable, the surface is bright and clean level off, not bibulous not deformation, easy processing, etc, especially in the process of production, storage and transportation, construction has the lowest attrition rate.


[features of PVC board]

1. Excellent corrosion resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for corrosion prevention equipment of chemical industry.

2. It is easy to cut, weld and bend, which can be used for various purposes.

3. Strong and durable and easy to be broken, strong and light, long years of use is not easy to age.

4. Low price PVC is the most ideal industrial material for corrosion resistant materials.

[chemical stability]

PVC plate temperature resistant up to 80 ℃

PVC sheet with inorganic acid, machine acid, inorganic basin solution

PVC laminated solution

PVC sheet alcohol solution

PVC plate is resistant to fatty amine and aromatic amine solution

Resistance to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) : PVC plate solution can reach 60 ℃, 10% 30% can reach 20 ℃

PVC sheet is not strong oxidizer

[processing performance]

A this product can be easily constructed with general tools or wood and metal processing tools.

B can be like wood as sawing, nail, planing and other processing.

C can be used for hot forming, heating bending and folding.

D can be welded according to the general welding procedure, and can be attached to different rigid PVC materials.

[product purpose]

Chemical industry: acid base manufacturing tower, scrubber tower, gas absorption tower, seawater concentration tank, liquid medicine liquid storage tank, photo rinsing equipment. Acid-resistant, resistant to halogen slot, all kinds of plating bath and other metal surface treatment, chemical plating (chrome plating tank except), emissions equipment and other metal environmental protection equipment, washing tower and pure water tank, cleanroom, semiconductor and other related industrial equipment and machinery, food machinery, building templates

General industry: cooling water tower, blower hood, air washer, water tank, mixing dust collector, cement tank liner, locomotive windshield.

Electrical industry: electrolytic tank, battery box, electric meter board, acoustic seat cover, radio bottom panel, various electrical insulation boards.

Project: all kinds of air conduction and exhaust engineering.

Other applications: building materials, stationery, etc.


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